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BärnerJS Talks Uphill Edition

Publiziert am 30. Apr 2019 von Ilona Siegrist

Spring is in the air! And so is the UphillConf-Edition of our Meetup. This year's guest will be Jay Phelps a reactive programming nut, WebAssembly fan and compiler enthusiast.

"Jay is the Chief Software Architect at This Dot, where they provide support, training, mentoring, and software design. Previously a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Lover of all things open source, his contributions span numerous ecosystems. RxJS core team member and author of core-decorators, git-blame-someone-else, and co-author of redux-observable."

In a fireside chat we'll pose the all-important questions like "What's it like to work at Netflix?", "Why leave Netflix?", "How do you keep atop of all this new techonologies?”, “What is this RxJS-thing?" & “Is WebAssembly ready yet?”

And the best thing is that you will be part of the discussion.

As every year, we'll be limiting the number of participants to 35. Make sure to reserve your seat early.

The fireside chat will be held in English.


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